Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nearly Done with Misty

So here are my latest two creations for the Misty Swap. The top one is Square #82 again from "101 Granny Squares" book by Darla Simms. Peggy liked the one I did before, so made her one.

I had assigned her another square that was the "Centered Square" by Jan Eaton, I think...???...but I didn't love the square and finally pulled it from the running. It was blue and purple and green. Ugh.

So the granddaughter received it along with the purple bobble square. For those who need to know, a 12" square is a PERFECT size for an afghan for a Barbie doll! Grandma was a hit with the babes, and the swappers get two better squares so everyone will be (or is) happy!

The bottom square is for Margaret. She wanted one color, and although I didn't have a problem in making something in Seaspray one color only, I was having a difficult time making something again - did the bobbles in purple and didn't like it. Started one in Denim Misty and didn't like that. Finally settled on the Rose Misty and am happier with it.
This square is the Fisherman's Ring in the middle by Patricia Hewitt, and then I continued using the Hot Pepper cross stitch sides before finishing off with dc. This square reminds me of peppermint! I guess I should call it my Peppermint Patty square, except that it is a take off on other designers work!


  1. These squares are just so pretty. You are right it does look like a round peppermint candy, I think you have chosen a good name for it. Great work.

  2. Love your squares! They are just so pretty.