Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two more squares - with bobbles!

The bottom purple bobble is nothing special. In fact, I am so non-plussed with it may just use it as the middle of a small baby afghan and give it to the hospital rather than send it to a friend as an exchange. For this swap it doesn't really spin my heart....ya know?

BUT - I really do like the blue and green square. I did not do the changes in color called for in the pattern which is called Framed Flower. I have one that LindaH sent to me in a swap and she did the color changes called for which turned out quite beautiful. I, however, only wanted the two colors so did the bobbles and edging with the Seaspray. The square looks so very different in the two colors - see LindaH's in the white/grey/blue below the top photo. Quite a difference color changing makes!


  1. I love that bobble texture. I think the purple would work nicely for a baby afghan, with those "touchy-feely" bumps. :)

  2. I love your bobble squares! I really enjoy doing bobbles.

  3. Very pretty squares, you did great on your bobbles