Sunday, February 14, 2010

Secret Valentine Swap

Lucky me! This is my haul on the Valentine swap! Erin was kind enough to make me a wonderful cowl and a double sided scalloped potholder! It matches my kitchen! In addition, she is helping to feed my crochet addiction with more yarn and scissors, my chocolate & sugar addictions with candy hearts and Dove's dark chocolate hearts, and finally my jigsaw addiction with two jigsaw puzzles!

There are a lovely set of note cards, two packs of note paper - one with a pen! (The very same kind of note paper & pen I keep in the car to leave notes on those cars where the parent leaves their young kids alone in the car while they shop, or the pets when it's over 80 degrees, or take two parking spaces!!! THANKS for helping that addiction, too!).

Last, but definitely not least, is a calendar with magnet and shopping list, some fancy tissues which I always need, and a oil/bamboo Rain scented air freshener for my bathroom/kitchen/you-name-it!

The photos of the potholder show both sides, and you can get a better look at the cowl in that close-up shot. See! I'm very lucky!



  1. Wow that is one great swap haul, lucky you! I love that pot holder, the colours are gorgeous!