Thursday, February 25, 2010

Charity Daisy Square

The square on the right is the one that I sent to Krystal for her charity square.  Her web site is here and if you get her pattern then  you send her a square so she can put them all together (she has made about six or seven in one year) and donate to one of her charities listed in her blog.

The one on the left is going to have a mate in pink and I'm making a pillow for my granddaughter with it. One of the squares in her Pinkalicious Afghan is made with this pattern and she loves it. 

Can't help but want to spoil the little ones



  1. I love this daisy square, it is so pretty!

  2. That square is a real beauty. I love how the tips of the petals hang free!


  3. Hey, this one is very nice!

  4. I love your blue flower square! So cheerful. What a uplifting effort!