Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Harlequin Tunisian Square & Grandma's Potholder

What, you ask, do the two have in common? Nothing. I have been saving the potholder for many many years so that when I finally retired (2004) and started crocheting again (2005) I would make some potholders like the one she gave me. However, I could not find the bloomin' thing! Aargh! So yesterday I pulled out my sewing, thinking it is time to start putting on buttons so I'd feel like I have new blouses (sitting there for two years).

There on the bottom of the pile was the potholder of my dreams! Who would have thought I would put something that needed crochet repair into a pile of clothes that needed sewing repair!??! Well, the fact of the matter is I could re-do the border, but that would be all. If there is a problem in the body I can't fix that. However, I CAN and
WILL make several more just like it (in different colors). I really love this potholder --- can you tell?

And the Harlequin Square? I'm using Vanna's Choice remnants to finish a square for the exchange in theTunisian Group of Ravelry. Problem is I made it 9 1/4 inches and it is suppose to be 8 inches. Another AARGH! So, back to the drawing board. I'll keep this one and perhaps will be able to make up an afghan to go with it....perhaps.

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