Friday, March 13, 2009

Blue Square

Only one more square to go!  

I find that I am addicted to getting these squares finished.  My one little corner of the world is amass with yarn, pattern books, afghan hooks, and other hooks of all "denominations"... little  pieces of yarn clipped after weaving in the ends.  I will - I must - clean up my "station" so I might find that for which I am looking.  

Hubby built me a cart for my graphing when using Tunisian.  I have found that the cart serves me well under all circumstances of crocheting, not just graphing, so it has become my steady partner.  Should I want to crochet in the TV room, I don't bring the cart in there.  Firstly, I cannot graph when also watching TV, and secondly it is too big (although on wheels and very mobile).  If I am following an easy pattern that doesn't take loads of brainwork, I just unhook the yarn, put it in a coffee can and bring it into the TV room to work on while watching a program.  I love, love, LOVE my cart!  I can graph up to 18 colors and not get the yarn all tangled up.  A real wonder of a miracle!

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