Thursday, March 5, 2009

Magenta Squares for CAL Swap

It seems that my crocheting has interfered with my blogging.  Never mind that the experience of sharing the making of squares has tickled my heart.  Never mind that I am loving testing a pattern in thread.  Never mind that I am finding and stashing patterns for Fair Isle crochet.  Never mind that I have to take a photo of EVERYTHING I crochet.  I should still have time to sit my rear into the chair and write at least a few sentences of my life.  After all, what is a blog if it isn't a sort of diary of your life?

So what else have I been doing?  Sitting with my leg up, resting on ice, taking drugs to keep the pain down.  Hmm??  Torn calf muscle.  Torn tendon.  Painful recovery.   The good news is that I am off the meds now, and can function like a fairly normal person.

Was reading Doris Chan's blog about her life growing up and not learning Chinese.  My brother's brother-in-law is married to a Chinese lady and they live in Taiwan.  He learned Chinese as she had a hard time learning English.  WHAT????  Can you imagine learning Chinese because it is easier than English?  Their son, Johnny, knows Chinese (two dialects), English, and is nearly fluent in Japanese now.  How old, you ask?  How about 2nd grade.  Makes a fool of us all, doesn't it.

So, back to crochet.  I am in a CAL of squares for Vanna's Choice yarn and really having a great time and seem to be making friends.  Not an easy task when none of us are in the same state.  That isn't really necessary, is it?  These gals are great fun.  

I am also in an exchange in the Tunisian group (all on Ravelry should you want to know) but the group is small.  I am learning lots of new stitches to use, and that is also fun.  I am almost finished with a test of a coaster and mat set in lovely red hearts, and she has done a wonderful job.  Great pattern Deb!

Spring is coming fast - so I think I will start graphing some tulips in Tunisian and make some spring like afghans as soon as I am finished with my SIL's kitty afghan, my brother's sweater, and a sweater for my best buddy.

Whew!  No wonder I'm not blogging much!

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