Friday, March 20, 2009

Grandma Vera's Pretty Potholder

My new friend Paula is helping me get the pattern straight. Here is her finished product in a dusty blue with a teal edging -which I think is quite stunning!

Edited 3/21/09: Changing the turning chain from chain 6 to chain 5; also beginning chain is 66 not 57.

Color A - Chain in 66:  
Row 1: dc into 8th ch from hook; *[ch 2, sk 2sp, dc in next ch]; repeat from * ending in dc (21 ch 2 spaces). Chain 5, turn (counts as first dc and ch 2 throughout).
Row 2: *dc in first dc; *([2dc in ch 2sp, dc in dc] 3 times; ch 2, sk 2 ch), repeat from * across (there are ten dc to a block-5 blocks across/ea end has a ch two space). ch 5, turn  
Row 3-5: dc in 1st dc; [ch 2, sk 2ch, 10 dc] 4 times; ch 2, sk 2ch; dc in ch 3 of ch 5; ch 5, turn  
Row 6: dc in first dc; *[ch 2, sk 2ch, dc in next ch]; repeat from * across ending with dc in last dc; ch 5, turn.  
Row 7: sk 2 ch, dc in first dc; *([2dc in ch2 sp, dc in dc] repeat * 3 times; ch 2, sk 2ch; dc in dc), [2dc in ch2 sp, dc in dc] 11 times; ch2, sk 2 ch, dc in first dc; repeat from *() once; ch 5, turn.  
Row 8: sk 2ch, dc in next 10 dc; ch 2, sk 2ch; dc 34 times; ch 2, sk 2ch, dc in next 10 dc, ch 2, sk 2ch, dc in 3 ch of ch 6; ch 5, turn.
Row 9-21: Repeat row 8.  
Row 22: Repeat row 6 Row 23-26: Repeat rows 2-5  
Row 27: Repeat row 6, end and weave in end.

Edging in color B:   

Row 1: In any corner sl st color B; sc 7 times in same corner stitch (that would be three times on 'one side' once for the corner and three times on the "other side" of the corner square space.
Two sc in each space around, seven in each corner; sl st to starting stitch; sl st to 2nd sc, chain 3.

Row 2: 3 dc in same sc; sk 1 sc, sc in next st; sk 1 sc, 5 dc in next st; sk 1 sc, sc in next st (this stitch would be above the dc). Repeat pattern around.

Each sc and the middle of each shell is right above a post.

G'ma made two of the fillet patterns, and then edged them together. The loop looks like a chain with 9 sc around it...kind of looks like it was added after rather than part of the shell pattern, but can't tell for sure.

SO - please let me know about the instructions. Sure isn't as easy as it might look to write a pattern! I was getting buzzy headed writing them.

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  1. I am laughing to myself after I thought to myself, "WOW! Grandma vera's potholder does have the same edging that I used. Then it dawned on mye I waslooking at mine that you asked topost.

    That calls for a {W-H-A-C-K } upside my head to get the brainin gear!