Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Anniversary Lace Shawl


I dreamed of Maggie last night. It was super super real…she came back to visit me knowing how much I missed her.  Another pup came with her but went in another room. She was a really neat dog…did get nippy in her old age, protecting me, but still…what a wonderful companion.


Not the sort of photo one would normally post to show off a shawl! LOL! I was only trying to capture the colors in this one…not that it did.

I plan on posting another one with the completed border. I"m only a few hours away….was going for a longer border until I realized it was going to be way too long. Too much fabric in front (kerchief style) is too large an addition to my already large additions! After all is said and done, I may need to find a recipient for the shawl.


She is the darker of the two girls. She has found she loves to stand up on the couch, lean on the back, and watch the goings on when the others are playing on the deck.  The two girls will be 6 months old on the 14th of October. Ginger weighs 67 pounds and Coco weighs 63.


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  1. Maggie sure looks sweet. I can only remember one dream where one of my fur kids came back. It was my all black cat, Sheba.

    In this sweet little voice she asked me, "Why did you call me Roonie Tuney Tuney?"

    Warmed my heart because I would call her Sheba Rooney Tuney Tuney . . . no idea why, just did :)