Monday, August 6, 2018

Pink Cat Hat!

This is the beginning of the hat for my DSD.  The pattern is Black Cat mentioned in the previous post.

It's pretty easy so far.  I would say the only thing that I noticed which I find not so great is the space between the left facing and right facing front post trebles.  I think when the whole thing is finished I will go back in on the back side and fill those in with some sort of hdc or dc in back.

I have been cleaning and getting prepared for my girlfriend from GA to arrive next week.  Even went out and bought a case of Wasp Spray as well as a bunch of flea/bug bombs!  I'm doing one room per bomb just to make sure no spiders are lurking and no other little crawling thing!

The wasps are still active and I noticed on Friday they have even set up shop in the metal piping that holds up the large gate. Can't imagine how they can even see each other in there, let alone how they would have a nest. It's not even an inch wide on each side. Just a long skinny square piping.

I had to kill off a hornets nest about a week ago.  Looked like the one above, but not quite as big yet.  It was hanging above the entrance to my carport and they didn't like it when I went to my car.  I feared being attacked. That happened to me once when I was a kid and is just isn't fun.  It took several tries with spray over a few days, since I didn't have the wasp spray yet.  I hated to do it as they are a beneficial by removing insects the are not so beneficial, but my health demanded it.  

Also, my dog has a habit of chasing after anything that flies close to the ground. Have had to warn him off the bumble bees!

Rest after a long day!

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