Monday, October 9, 2017

Wrist is healing! Started new simple scarf

Finally started a project I think I can finish.  It is a simply hdc (24 stitches across) and am using a Chroma fingering weight for the project. Nice yarn…love the color changes.

It is a bit larger now…the purple changed to a pink purple then back to the purple and now going to the blue…sort of reverse look.

Now THIS is the thing I really love!!!  I do not like the huge desk that was here in the house when I purchased it.  Am converting the shed in back into a room for all my crochet and sewing, so will have the desk put in there.  I bought a roll top desk that is being made special for me in Indiana by an Amish company.  I'm really excited to have something so beautiful (with matching file cabinet) with lots of storage. It will make my living are less cluttered and more beautiful!

Matching chair, too…will be in a tealish green leather.