Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stitches, etc.

A present from my wonderful brother! The flag is almost larger than the pole, so think I will put another pole in nearby and use this one for those pretty garden type flags.  This really is beautiful!! I am proud to finally be able to fly the flag to honor our military.


This is the basic simple stitch in Tunisian - TSS.

I have been going through my numerous crochet books looking for a stitch I would like to use for yet another scarf.  I saw that in several books by different authors they listed the same stitch pattern, but each gave it a different name.  It makes me wonder if the stitch pattern is copy right material, and if it is, is it okay to change the name of the stitch and that would make it "different."

"Anywho" I had written to Doris Chan one time about how the "new" foundation stitch is in one of the Weldon books as a Double Chain, so wasn't all that new.  The funny thing was that the Weldon book states "Double chain is seldom, if ever, employed for a "foundation" - Now that tickled me! (Note Weldon is a UK magazine and Double would be Single here).  

Of course, I received no answer.  Seems several people claimed it as their own from what I gathered. Sort of like making claim to my discovery on how to make a beginning stitch I called Air Crochet - when Interweave gave credit to Doris on what the stitch was named.  

One of the interesting stitches in the book, that has been called Solomons Knot in recent years, was name the Lattice Stitch by Weldon's.  I have no clue what it was named years before Weldon's printed their book, but it does give pretty clear instructions on a stitch I found not so easy (but is!).

Of course, there is the 'article' that is called "A Question that all Stout Persons must weigh."  The first sentence states, "The question we would respectfully ask our stout friends is, do you know that you are seriously jeopardizing your health and running the risk of a grave disease by remaining in an obese condition?"  Things certainly haven't changed much as we continue to "grow" as a society when it comes to being overweight - I am a prime example. It turns out it is an advertisement for a book!!

I apologize if I have posted this photo. Yep, it's me.  My hair is getting almost to my waist now, and although it is probably 50% grey/silver/white it doesn't seem to show up unless it is a sunny day. I have lost 15 pounds since this photo and am continuing (finally) on my quest for a healthier, lighter weight body.  Going gluten free which isn't so hard now that there are so many products on the market now.

Happy Crocheting!!!

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