Monday, March 21, 2016

I finished the fingerless gloves for a swap in my group in Ravelry, based on one in the ebook "Gloves to Love" by Aoibhe Ni (I think her last name is O'Sullivan now?).  If you aren't on Ravelry, this is her personal web site. 

These are made with Malabrigo DK (Rios?) and the color is Indicia or however you spelling it. She wanted them large and longer so I put a fold up area where she could make them cover as much or as little of her fingers as she wanted. They are about 3/4 up my arm, which I think was long enough for her.

I took a panoramic photo of the rainbow that was made during the last rain - about a week or so ago.  It was really beautiful!  That's the third one this year I have seen in just about the same place, so it must be a great place for them!!

This is the chocolate shake I am having today (and had each day) from the Nutrisystem Turbo shakes.  Very tasty!  Made one a bit too large this time so it isn't as flavorful due to the extra water, but is still decent.

I have lost five pounds since Thursday.  Not entirely unexpected as the calories are slim to none on this diet!! Bought carrot sticks and low fat string cheese today as they are allowed snacks.

I finally re-started the afghan I am making for my nephew and his wife for their new house.  The house will be one year old by the time they get this! Better late than never!

Last, but never least, my two dogs, Brodie and Maggie.  

Brodie is about 32 inches now at his shoulders…haven't weighed him, but imagine he is getting close to 100.  

I am patiently (HAH!!) waiting for the vet to let me know about his last test for water diabetes.  I need to get back to Portland soon and he won't travel well without it under control.

I am working on the above afghan and a shawl for a swapper who did not receive hers.  Bev sent her one and if I ever get around to finishing this one I'll send it, too.  Much to late to be an angel shawl, BUT it sort of seals the deal that we like to watch out for those who swap with us.  

Might start another beanie, too!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Eva's Squishy Beanie Done, Done, Done!

She receives the package on Monday so hope she and her mom love it (and the other one!)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Goodies and goodies….

My new gravel drive.  Not exactly the same rock/gravel as the parking space to the left, or the parking space next to the garage, but it's good.  Glad to have no puddles or mud holes!
So I am dieting again.
I bought into the hype on the Nutrisystem diet package, and went for it.  Yesterday I received the first box of food and allegedly another box of frozen food is on the way.  Funny they don't arrive at the same time.
So, for the first week you eat their food plus two "shakes" that are chocolate in flavor.  Not a smart choice for a late snack as the chocolate makes it harder to get to sleep.  Will use it in the afternoon instead.
I think what has my dander up a tad is that they act like it is so different, that they send you all you need, and you don't have to write down points like Weight Watchers.  What they don't say, or I didn't hear, is that you have to track - just like WW. Write down everything you eat.
The reason I bought this is I didn't want to have to think about food or do any extra cooking, but that is also required.  Food is okay….very very small portions so far, but with the added fiber initially filling.
This is you breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Not the only choices by far, but the fact that it is only a tiny nutritional bar for breakfast I think it is no wonder people lose weight.  I would say there has to be only about 700 calories here…didn't look…and anyone would take off pounds at 700 calories a day!  Of course, I'm not counting the two shakes for the first week.

This morning I chose the Blueberry Muffin.  As you can see it isn't any bigger than my computer mouse.  It is dense and has a decent flavor, but oh so small!  I'm adding milk to my coffee which is a no-no on the diet, but it is one thing I can't and won't give up.  At this low of a calorie count I think it's okay.

On a different note, I did finish the first hat for my niece.  I can't remember exactly how many stitches I "cast on" for the Tunisian stitch, but think it was about 42 or so.  After doing the first row of the TSS the next three rows I left off the last two stitches, then on the next pass I picked them all up again, being careful not to pick up any extra stitches there.  I decided it wasn't long enough and it wasn't going to have much give, so added hdc post stitches around the rim and crocheted one fphdc and then one bphdc all the way around, doing about four or five rows.  Added a button of a cute butterfly, and this is the end result!

 This one is a little closer photo.  I gathered the top and stitched it up, as well as the side seam. Would love to have put on a pom, but this yarn is too slim for such things.  This is Malabrigo Sock.

I hope it fits her, but if not some little girl in Boston can wear it! I am also making another hat from a pattern called BackCountry Beanie I found on Ravelry.

I truly LOVE the way this one is working up! Using worsted weight and it's nice and soft and squishy! The bottom part in the 2nd photo is rolled up to be the brim once it is seamed.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I have finished a gift for a swap for March, but don't want to post a photo until it is in her hands next week.

This is a sneak peek of the pattern and yarn…Malabrigo.

In the meanwhile, I am working on a gift for my grandniece Eva and waiting for the head measurements from her mom to finish it up.  I didn't realize that the pattern in Tunisian was not going to have much stretch at all (if any, really) so have to have it pretty close to the right size.  She won't be able to wear it very long which is a shame as I am also using Malabrigo!

This photo shows about 1/3 of it finished I think.  Almost completed, but won't know until I get the measurements tonight. It isn't lopsided.  The right side is gathered on the hook.

We had some rain last week and I caught the rainbow just before it disappeared on the west side of the house. Then a day or so later I was able to catch another one…mostly it is raining in the distance.

This is in front on the east side and in my neighbor's yard.  Very pretty blooming tree! A little fuzzy in the photo, but stunning in person.

I had the back yard fenced off from the front (with gates) so my big puppy would not create havoc in the flower beds, and so my Border Collie would no longer run up to the neighbors side and endeavor to attack their little tiny dogs - all three thinking they are the size of a Lion! You can see the XX across from the fence to the house.

Finished and there is Brodie trying to figure out why he can't make it into the front yard any longer! I did not realize my backyard was not as safe as I thought when I saw he dug up around the irrigation pumping station AND chewed up all the wires.  Sheesh!  Now need to have a cover built for it so he can't get to the wires any longer! Gate looks a little off because the land is raised on one side and the gate apparatus had to hook to the posts evenly across.  It is a metal setup to give strength to the support of the very large gates.

Now on to the next projects!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Starting another gift!

This is for my grandniece, Eva.

The yarn is Malabrigo Mechita, a fingering-weight yarn…

I have had the yarn for awhile, so they don't have this color any longer…forgot the name...

So - can you tell what it is going to be?  This is a very soft yarn…and has a great hand!  The last photo shows about 1/5 of the finished product.

And here we have one bright note to share….gasoline today!  It was actually $1.91, but I had a 20 cent credit from Safeway, so each gallon was 20 cents less!  I love it!