Monday, March 21, 2016

I finished the fingerless gloves for a swap in my group in Ravelry, based on one in the ebook "Gloves to Love" by Aoibhe Ni (I think her last name is O'Sullivan now?).  If you aren't on Ravelry, this is her personal web site. 

These are made with Malabrigo DK (Rios?) and the color is Indicia or however you spelling it. She wanted them large and longer so I put a fold up area where she could make them cover as much or as little of her fingers as she wanted. They are about 3/4 up my arm, which I think was long enough for her.

I took a panoramic photo of the rainbow that was made during the last rain - about a week or so ago.  It was really beautiful!  That's the third one this year I have seen in just about the same place, so it must be a great place for them!!

This is the chocolate shake I am having today (and had each day) from the Nutrisystem Turbo shakes.  Very tasty!  Made one a bit too large this time so it isn't as flavorful due to the extra water, but is still decent.

I have lost five pounds since Thursday.  Not entirely unexpected as the calories are slim to none on this diet!! Bought carrot sticks and low fat string cheese today as they are allowed snacks.

I finally re-started the afghan I am making for my nephew and his wife for their new house.  The house will be one year old by the time they get this! Better late than never!

Last, but never least, my two dogs, Brodie and Maggie.  

Brodie is about 32 inches now at his shoulders…haven't weighed him, but imagine he is getting close to 100.  

I am patiently (HAH!!) waiting for the vet to let me know about his last test for water diabetes.  I need to get back to Portland soon and he won't travel well without it under control.

I am working on the above afghan and a shawl for a swapper who did not receive hers.  Bev sent her one and if I ever get around to finishing this one I'll send it, too.  Much to late to be an angel shawl, BUT it sort of seals the deal that we like to watch out for those who swap with us.  

Might start another beanie, too!

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