Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I have finished a gift for a swap for March, but don't want to post a photo until it is in her hands next week.

This is a sneak peek of the pattern and yarn…Malabrigo.

In the meanwhile, I am working on a gift for my grandniece Eva and waiting for the head measurements from her mom to finish it up.  I didn't realize that the pattern in Tunisian was not going to have much stretch at all (if any, really) so have to have it pretty close to the right size.  She won't be able to wear it very long which is a shame as I am also using Malabrigo!

This photo shows about 1/3 of it finished I think.  Almost completed, but won't know until I get the measurements tonight. It isn't lopsided.  The right side is gathered on the hook.

We had some rain last week and I caught the rainbow just before it disappeared on the west side of the house. Then a day or so later I was able to catch another one…mostly it is raining in the distance.

This is in front on the east side and in my neighbor's yard.  Very pretty blooming tree! A little fuzzy in the photo, but stunning in person.

I had the back yard fenced off from the front (with gates) so my big puppy would not create havoc in the flower beds, and so my Border Collie would no longer run up to the neighbors side and endeavor to attack their little tiny dogs - all three thinking they are the size of a Lion! You can see the XX across from the fence to the house.

Finished and there is Brodie trying to figure out why he can't make it into the front yard any longer! I did not realize my backyard was not as safe as I thought when I saw he dug up around the irrigation pumping station AND chewed up all the wires.  Sheesh!  Now need to have a cover built for it so he can't get to the wires any longer! Gate looks a little off because the land is raised on one side and the gate apparatus had to hook to the posts evenly across.  It is a metal setup to give strength to the support of the very large gates.

Now on to the next projects!

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  1. Your neighbor's tree reminds me of the flowering Crabapple I once had . . just beautiful in the spring.

    Thank you for your card. When I explained who you were Gene remembered you and our swaps.

    Poor Brodie . . can't get out now. At least once you get the 'wire thing-y" fixed :)