Sunday, March 8, 2015

Crocodile Booties - Bonita Pattern

I finished one bootie of the Bonita Pattern for Crocodile Adult Booties.  This is the Ravelry link. If you can't use the link, they do have their ow web site under Bonita Patterns.

I used what was called worsted weight, but it is more like a DK weight.  Unforgettable by Red Heart. I would not recommend this yarn for this project. If you can find something more substantial in a long colorway, great. Otherwise I'd say try a worsted weight in one color.  This yarn is slippery and too flimsy for booties.

And booties they are…the ankle part is huge. At least huge on me. I have small ankles, and yet the foot part fits well at size 9 1/2.

I will finish the second one and send them on to my niece and she will put in the buttons on the side so she can close it where she'd like to make them fit her better.

Foot part went fast….

Scales not so hard to do! Yay!

Almost finished…. 



  1. Look kind of Southwest/Native American . . but, I know, the yarn is great but slippery.

  2. It looks great so far. What a shame the yarn doesn't work up like a worsted weight. I have that problem with Caron Simply Soft.