Thursday, December 4, 2014

Air Crochet or Air-Crochet; i.e. what people are now calling the Standing Double Crochet stitch

In 2008 I devised a stitch that I called Air-Crochet for lack of a better term.  I did not want to confuse it with the Standing Double Crochet, or Standing-anything-crochet stitch because it was different, never before used, and I was so very proud of my accomplishment. My friend Margaret has a habit of starting to call it the standing crochet stitch which again starts sweeping it away from my "finding out how to do it originally", into the grouping of an "old" stitch which honestly isn't the same.

I studied the DC, the SC and all the other stitches to see how they were made….making one and taking it apart, over and over again until I could "see" how the stitch was formed.  It took me a couple of days, and I worked hard at it.  

I mentioned in several times, although at that time I didn't advertise it or tell people what I called it…at least I don't remember doing so.  It wasn't until 2009 that I went ahead and told people about it and did a tutorial on it in the Vanna's Choice Fan Club.  That tutorial can still be located there, as well as on my own project pages.  I then posted it on my previous blog, Learning and Loving Crochet.

I was doing two blogs at a time, and found that I could barely do one, so closed that one down….probably should have transferred all the info over if I could somehow. Anyone knowledgable about that?

I put up a YouTube video recently and then just for giggles I searched for "air crochet" and found two blogs that had put up tutorials. One last year which Moogly did, and one this year (could be last?) that another person did.  I wrote to both to let them know that I was the one who originally cooked this baby up.

To my surprise I reached a lot of resistance to that statement, even though I backed it up.  You know as well as I do that I am not a super designer, or a fancy doodle blogger.  I just like to make things easier for my fellow friends in crochet.  

At one time I designed a box with a magnet in it and used it for several years to keep my pins and whatnot in there.  Several different boxes, several different designs.  Paula received one when I finally decided to let lose of the design and share it. Lo and behold over the next two years people started making fancier boxes and selling them.  To this day, Paula still gives me credit for my "Cat Box" which delights me to no end.

But I stray….back to the Air-Crochet.  I was rather miffed when Tamara (Moogly) came back to me to say that it was a printed stitch from 1999 or some such.  When I asked for the reference, because if someone else had discovered the stitch I had not heard of it, she gave me that name of a book. I bought the Kindle version and the updated version….and it wasn't my stitch.  It was, however, the same ol', same ol' standing crochet that you start with a slip stitch (the very thing I was trying to avoid).

When I told her that it wasn't the same and that I honestly would like credit for at least designing the stitch I received silence.  Days and days of silence.  It floors me that someone who is as talented and who has such lovely designs would dis me that way when the only thing I wanted was it to be given the credit that I devised the stitch…for a dc, for a sc, for a hdc, and for a treble.  I can even do it on bobbles and other stitches … easy, peasy.

I was really in a funk for several days waiting to hear from Tamara to say she had researched it and I was right, and she'd at least post my name.  I have to admit that her tutorial, as well as the other one, are a bit better than mine….but mine came first, it isn't an "old" stitch that has been around for "decades" as the one person said.

So am I being selfish….I feel like I am stamping my foot with a pouty lip crying, "Pay attention to me!"  Maybe I am, and if so, it is only right. I know she would not like someone to pass around her patterns and lose her a sale, just like I don't like people renaming my stitching and acting like I had nothing to do with it.  It actually hurts my feelings. Really.
Have you ever heard of the leaning tower stitch?  The ladies regularly give credit to the man who designed that stitch, even long time after his passing. 

Thanks for letting me vent.  I needed that. Guess I had better start working the blogs more.  I tend to slide quite a bit!

Happy Crafting and Learning!


  1. Well now that just sucks!

    By the way, I saw some of the cutest tins for Christmas that would make adorable "Cat Boxes." But, for the life of me I can't remember where I saw them . . . LOLOL

    Glad I didn't need any for this year :)

    1. Yes, it does….sorry for the venting. I feel so much better! LOL! I'm sure glad I don't do crochet for a living…I'd starve!

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  3. ugh! I typed out a huge post and I don't think it was published. I'll try again.

    {{{HUGS}}} I have been using your AC for well over three years now. I originally found it on your old blog and refer to it periodically to refresh my memory. I was curious if you had any new information on your blog and found the home page. It kindly redirected visitors to your new home.

    As I skimmed the right panel, I saw a post about AC. Bingo! Something new about AC or possible a continuation. I was not expecting to read the above post. However, it does not surprise me and I chalk it up as typical crochet world. :(

    When I originally saw Tamara's post on FB about the stitch, I mentioned that the stitch was called Air Crochet by you. Now, I am trying to remember her response. It wasn't snarky but kind of dismissive or brush off.

    I just checked out her video and I do not remember her doing the stitch like you (ie. YO twice first). I always thought she used the knot prior to YO. The knot stitch is already documented in a book by a well known crochet author. But that does not mean the author was the first to come up with it. She just published it.

    However, in your case, it seems to be well documented that you labored to come up with the stitch and willingly shared it on your blog AND on Raverly.

    Nevertheless, I love your AC and use it for sc and hdc as well. It has and will always be a top notch method in my book.

    1. Thank you so much Tasha! You confirm my feelings, and it makes me feel so good to know that there are people who appreciate my work. I am not a designer like others, but love to make life better for us crocheters! You are a dear for posting!! Thank you ever so much!!

  4. Cat - I'm not sure what you are talking about with this stitch. I've been reading different blogs and watching videos. Is this the stitch they mention on blogs called "standing double or single stitch" - takes the place of the 3 chain stitches for the next row? Oh geeze, I'm sure I'm not making myself clear. If this is the stitch you are talking about, please tell me where I can find your video. I'm so frustrated seeing all my 3-chains lined up when I make a dishcloth.
    I'm so sorry to hear that a well-known blogger has not given credit where credit is due. I have noticed that she always mentions "You saw this FIRST on Moogly" or something like that. Still don't understand what that's all about.
    Never-mind -- I'm new to your blog and it's very clear to me that you are extremely talented. I'm new to reading blogs but I am so truly inspired by reading through yours. I hope you will send the link to your stitch in a reply so I can click it and watch the video.
    Many thanks for sharing your lovely blog with us -- I can't even imagine all the work, time and effort it must be for you to share so much with all of us. But I do want to express my appreciation. You truly inspire me and make me want to step up my crocheting and try to learn new things.
    Happy Day To You - Bobbie

    1. You guys are all sweethearts! There is a link at the top of the page. If you belong to Ravelry it will go there. If you don't, it will ask you to join. Do so as it is a free site and so very very wonderful! I am ByHook there, so look me up! The Air Crochet is not the standing dc. You don't use a loop at all. Just wrap it around the hook twice and proceed as usual! One of the links might go back to one of my older blogs that has a pictorial. I have no clue how to link the video, but it is under Catie Jeanne.

  5. I just saw this, and watched the video. Sure it's different than the slip knot standing crochet, and much much better. I marvel at the bad faith of people out there. Sheesh!