Friday, February 21, 2014

Working on some 'things'!

I found that some pieces in  my Fiesta ware make for great yarn bowls.  It is amazing what you can use, and sometimes they are less expensive than yarn bowls would be.
I am working on a cowl…well, it is finished…from the Spring issue of Crochet! magazine.  The design is named "Gold Rush Silk Scarf" but mine looks more like the Mauve Tide!
The design is not hard at all, but you do need to know how to count….which apparently I have not mastered yet!  Had to do some frogging several times.  You can't cheat on this one as the waves don't come out right.

The yellow Fiesta pitcher is holding yarn for my Mary Jane slippers.  This design is by Sylvia Schuchardt and you can find the pattern on  Her patterns are really nice!

I bought three of these…one is on my table but the other two, like the utensil holder above in red, are for my yarn projects.

This is a cute little heart pocket that isn't hard to make at all.  Very cute, if small….good for little things only! I can't find the pattern just yet, but it is akin to one on Ravelry called a Danish Heart I believe.

Today I ran across the Granny Sweet Heart pattern by Nancy Drew (really!).  Check out her blog…and I will add her to my reading list.


  1. Love those slippers,,,,now I am going to have to keep my eye open for some neat little pitchers..I have been using those plastic thingys baby wipes come in..perfect for keep thread and hook together along with small projects..but yours is prettier..hugs

    1. One thing about these is that, although a lot more expensive than the plastic containers, they are HEAVY and you don't pull anything over. I can keep them safely on the floor. They aren't easily knocked over and the yarn never pulls out or pulls them over!