Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My brother loves the "magic" potholder.  I think he is actually in love with it.  I can't remember how many I have made for him, but now he wants a LARGE one.  I just started it yesterday and will be doing it in bright colors…even some pink! Hah!  He mentioned something about wanting to roll it to use…will have to ask him about that when he stops by next week. Below is the link to the Ravelry page. Michelle claims no rights to the pattern as she reworked it from an old potholder she had. I have seen patterns named various things, but believe it originally came in an old pamphlet.  Her explanation is excellent!

Michelle Gibbs:  Crocheted Folded Potholder
Please note the bright ORANGE Fiesta Ware pitcher…another handsome yarn bowl! 

I was dropping my BFF off at her house and next door she spotted a Road Runner!  I have seen them here and there, but never had the chance to grab the camera. Fast little devils and they don't stick around to see what you are doing.  I was able to get this photo (which is a bit yellow, but will up date later) of him!

Tamara Kelly, better known as "moogly" in some Rav circles, has a most lovely Mandala pattern. She calls it the Magic Spike Mandala. There are a lot of these patterns out there, but especially love hers.  If you have access to Ravelry there is a version of this in thread where "in twilight" has twisted the spike stitch and it looks so amazing! She made it in red, whihte, and light blue…it is stunning!  Another beautiful set is by "joykat95".

Last, but definitely NOT least…food!  I have switched my diet to vegan (almost totally…still working out a few kinks).  I also switched my dog Sami's diet to vegan.  The others are getting some, but not all … yet!   

I am using the dog food in which Ellen Degeneres has an interest.  It is called Halo, Purely For Pets.  I was amazed that she loved it straight out of the bag! I hear a store here carries the product, so will run down there and get some treats. I love that there is food like this. I switched my diet to help cut the risk of cancer and heart disease, and as she already has cancer I figure it can't hurt. Especially as she loves it!

And here is my latest dish…Yams and Butternut Squash, Leeks, with cinnamon, and roasted Pecans.  I have to admit it was the Pecans that caught my attention! Delicious! Next time I will roast a whole lot more of those wonderful, flavorful Pecans! (pronounced PEE Cans if you are from the south!)

Eat, crochet, and be well!

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