Sunday, February 23, 2014

Seeing Stars

I think this is going to be the last Little Star pattern I make for here.  I'm about starred out!  They are fun to make…and this one I added one more point so it is six instead of five.  This one will be extra for when the other one is being cleaned.  I just put in whatever color I pulled out of the bag!
It's pretty large for sure.

During insulation of my attic the poor guy was backing out of the corner eave and slipped off the wood and fell through the patio ceiling.  He said the only thing that was hurt was his pride. However, he did get a scratch on his face.
The insulation company, Bankers, had people out within a couple of hours and they fixed it and patched and and came back and painted it.  Looks better than when the poor guy fell through.  Trophy Homes here in Lake Havasu City…they do remodels. They even did the orange peel ceiling twice to make sure it was perfect.
It's quite lovely!  They cleaned it up spic and span.  Unfortunately one of the chair was bent in the process, and although the glass in the table flipped out, it did not break! Wow!
Lowe's came over to make sure everything was right, and even went up in the attic to find out about the electrical wiring that was hanging down. Turns out it was never attached, so I had an electrician come out and fix it up!  Now I have a new light!
All the furniture back, two new chairs added thanks to the insulation company and Lowes, so now I have lots of places for people to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather here!
This is a panorama, and I can't get it large enough that you can really enjoy it, but Paula said it opens to the full panorama when you click on it.  To the left is the lake and to the right the road is heading straight into Lake Havasu City…and in a larger frame you can see the city. :o( I'm putting it in extra large and I know it will hang off, but hoping when you click on it you can see it all! Great skies!

Enjoy the last hours of your weekend!


  1. Wow how blessed was the man who fell through your ceiling..he could have been hurt badly..and it looks like they fixed it up really nice. Many blessings

  2. when one clicks on the pix of the panorama, the whole thing shows up . . pretty :)