Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Food, life, and crochet...

I, like so many, are in the throws of dieting.  My friend Karen said to think of it like a life change, not a diet and she is right.

I am off to a slow start - one pound the first week and now another pound midway into the second week.  Might take off two this time!

I am, however, looking at it like a challenge and a new way of eating.  I am doing points with WW.  This afternoon I had 1/2 cup of chili and 1 cup of green beans...4 points.  I though that 1/2 cup of chili was not going to be much, but it was plenty!  The green beans are no points so this was a quick and yummy and EASY meal for me.  EASY is key to my life style.

I'm packing up all my hooks and yarns and books, so don't have any crochet to show you.  I would recommend that if you have an interest in making squares that you check out the Ravelry threads for Donna Kay Lacey and for Julie Yeager on Ravelry.  They design some killer crochet squares!

Margaret McInnis is doing quite a lot in knit squares on her group. All three ladies have had their designs published (like our own Bev!).  Donna is pretty prolific, though, with her designs. She and Margaret design for a club that sends out kits each month and does a Block Of The Month.

There are all sorts of free patterns on Ravelry, too.  When I get settled I will be sure to begin my life anew and post goodies on crochet.  I'm rather prejudiced toward FREE patterns which is why I love belonging to the yarn company web sites.

Since I am not posting new projects, thought I'd do old ones.  The two shawls below are from the Serafina pattern..which is FREE. :o)  One of the easiest shawls ever and FAST. A Boucle or long variegated yarn is recommended.


Have a great day!


  1. so pretty, Cat. You better keep out something to work on. you might need it for stress relief.

  2. Did you ever finished the crochet spider?

    1. No, Laila, I never did. Shameful of me. I had a hard time with the written instructions - translated from another language. I was making it for a dear wonderful person's son, and feel awful that I never finished! Maybe some day when life settles down a bit I will be able to find it and try again. I actually think I tossed it out, though, accidentally. We shall see.

  3. hehe I know how it is.. Way to much projects :) Its a shame we can get the patterns anymore :/
    Thanks for answering.