Saturday, January 26, 2013

Back in the saddle - for a bit...

I have to admit, keeping up a blog has not been easy for me.  I need to get up in the morning, bright eyed and cheery, and hit the computer with my first cup of coffee - guns blazing!

What I do is, hit the back door with two frenzied dogs in tow who are ready to visit Mother Nature in the back yard.  THEN get my coffee, then I often try to get back to sleep.  Hubby used to bring me coffee in bed EVERY morning, so I thought I could sort of keep up the tradition by taking some back to bed with me.

For awhile that worked okay...but lately I find I am staying awake and not sleeping in.  Had to think about why, and finally realized it was the same reason I could not get to sleep at night right off the bat.  I listen to my little Shih Tzu, Chuckie, breathe, like I used to do when my husband was sick.  

He needs one of those C-Pap machines, or whatever you call them.  He has sleep he sometimes doesn't take a breath in cadence, and as he is 15 I am waiting for the next one.  He's unsteady on his feet and sleeps about 20 hours a day, or more.  Can't get him to eat easily, although he does eat eventually.  

He also needs a haircut.

Here is my pincushion for the pincushion swap.  Every time I see it I crave a chocolate donut! Really.  I am tossing in some cotton yarn in blue, my swapee's fav color, a crochet hook, tape, some of Bev's fav yarn, and some Chenille needles in size 13 that I purchased from England.  THEY ARE SHARP.

I tried out my own set and poked the tips of my fingers so often it reminded me of when I use to sew.  You would have thought I had not woven in any yarn in my entire life! Bloody finger tips.  However, if you love Chenille as I do, you can purchase them from John James Needles on line.  They are .85 in pounds each...two in a pack in the larger sizes...18 is the largest I have ever seen around here.  You can't get those sizes, 13 and 14,  in the US. 

Easier to thread a size 4 yarn.

Stay warm!


  1. When you said Chenille needles, I thought you meant knitting needles for Chenille . . didn't know you knit? LOLOL

    I need to get my pincushion in the mail and the spirit just hasn't moved me yet :(

  2. cute cute cute. And it makes me hungry. LOL

  3. Please give Chuckie lots of loves from his Auntie Bev. I miss my poochies.