Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just a quick hello.....

Ms. Paula, as most of you may already know, wants you to vote for Ashton to help get him a van.  He is the son of a former student and has MD.

The link to her blog and the request is HERE.  Please click on the link, go to her page, read her information about Ashton and remember the promo code she has listed.  THEN VOTE.

We can all be earth angels to do a little helping hand 'stuff' every so often.  Seems this little kid needs it.

On the home front, the weather is better. My new shades come in next week, so I will be bale to finally move into the new bedroom....hope I like it after all the work I have done on it!

My new store is coming along quite nicely! I have lots of yarn on hand, and just put in a re-order to fill in where I think I'm lacking in volume.  It's rather fun to be able to buy yarn willy nilly!

I'm emphasizing crochet...but plan to have some knitting needles on hand just in case a lonely knitter drops by!


  1. Kisses from Samantha, Ashton's momma.

    I am living vicariously through your store blog. It is always so much easier to think up ideas when it isn't my money I am spending . . BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA

    1. I found a new yarn by Red Heart, but found it at my competition, not by purchasing! It is called Sashay, and it is that new yarn that has the crocheted is recommended for knitting a scarf, but want to experiment on using it to crochet a scarf instead! I had a friend who purchased some that was $11 a skein...this is $4.99! ;o) Might not be as long, but it was 10 yards longer than the competitor in the bin which was also $1.00 more expensive! I'll keep you updated....hugs back to Samantha.