Monday, October 25, 2010

My Traveling Scarf Returns Home!

This beautiful scarf has returned home from making it around the whole continent!  I asked each person to write about their mom as I dedicated the scarf and journal to my mother, and theirs.

I had to take photos of it in sections as it is so nice and large - warm and soft and fuzzy, and BEAUTIFUL!!

....also, below is a photo of what came out of my goodie gift bag! Yay!

 Top photo - bottom to top: My square, Margaret's, Rebecca's, and Paula's on top.
 Second photo - bottom up: Becky's, Dawnn's, Liz's, and Karen's
 Third photo - bottom up:  Jessica's, Peggy's and Tanya's!
....and last, but not least, my gifts - beautiful postcards from all around, teas, chocolate, not pads, magnets, and a lovely wash cloth! Wow! THANKS!
The most wonderful part of this is what each person wrote in my journal about their mother. I cried so much I could not read it all in one sitting! One thing I have learned - mothers everywhere are dedicated to loving their children and raising them right, even when they have to give up things for themselves to make it right for the kids.

How lucky we are to have mothers who loves us and teach us respect, love, and working hard to attain our goals!


  1. I am SO JEALOUS . . .you have yours and mine is still in Canada :0{

    But, yours is beautiful . . .now wear it with pride and enjoy all of the + comments you will receive.

    \0/ paula

  2. How wonderful. I think of my Mom every day! All of the memories give me comfort but my heart still aches.