Monday, October 18, 2010

Hell's Canyon, Idaho

My husband and I took my BFF from Savannah to the Hell's Canyon Recreational Site along the Snake River. Then on the way home we traveled up the Kleinschmidt Grade, which is a one lane switchback up the side of the mountain, to travel into Council.
It was not what I would call fun - an experience perhaps, but NOT fun....except to be with my BFF and hubby.

Beautiful scenery.


  1. Brave girl. I'm not sure I would have let Glenn drive me up something like that. Once over in the Salmon area last year was enough for me.

  2. Oh, Kar! This road wasn't much different than the roads around Salmon, except not as many trees! The Kleinschmidt grade is a gravel/dirt road which is not maintained (it looked pretty good this time) and THAT road is worse!

    This is the LAST trip for me. All other visitors can rent a car and drive themselves over there!