Thursday, October 21, 2010

For Lessie

In our Itsy Bitsy Kitchen swap, I made Lessie a Leopard Spot potholder. Somehow it looks a bit more like a spot on a cow to me! ;o)  On the other side I used a variegated yarn to, again, try to replicate spots on a big cat. As I had a Tiger button, I went ahead and put it on one side in the middle as the "top" as you only need one side on a potholder against a pot.

Then I sewed a ribbon on the bottom of a hand towel, and at the top I made a looped holder with the Tiger button to keep it in place....matching the potholder. I put in another towel in brown, and gave her all the left over ribbon, yarn and buttons in case she wanted to make something more.

Then I added little gifts that had "spots" to go with the theme, as well as a knit magazine.  Here is her photo with the goodies, and below that the kitty playing with one of the balls! ;o)


  1. Love your package. Lessie will be thrilled when she gets it . . . or, has she gotten it already? I know someone, was it you, who got a package from her in an unbelievably short amount of time

    \0/ paula

  2. Just to confirm....yes I love it all. Miaow, Grrrr............