Friday, September 17, 2010

"The Ranch"

Every so often I mention that hubby has gone to "The Ranch" - but it really isn't a ranch. It is 5 acres out of 540 that we sold near Council, ID. We kept the five as it was in an area where you can see forever - we are in Idaho and a great deal of what you see is in Oregon (the furtherest mountain ranges).

In between the beige/brown mountains and the ones that look blue is the Hell's Canyon recreation site, and the Snake River which divides the two states.

We have a nice size trailer (we like to call it an RV as it sounds so much more refined!) there, and it has been there almost a year now. Hubby spent one night there, and I haven't spent any! We are still trying to get the electricity worked out, so I hope before the Fall turns too cold and wet I will have the chance to take the dogs up there and spend a weekend relaxing, crocheting, and listening to the birds!


  1. Wow what a view!! Hope the electricity gets worked out soon for you guys and you get to enjoy it.

    Hugs XX

  2. How gorgeous! You wouldn't be able to keep me away!

  3. What amazing views, must be hard to leave

  4. gorgeous! what a retreat~getaway!

  5. That picture it's absolutely awsome!!! great view!

  6. Thanks everyone! I do love the place, and it certainly is quiet and a great place to crochet! No TV!