Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coffee, Tea - you name it!

So, after reading lots of posts about the Keurig coffee pot, I broke down and bought one at Costco.  The one I bought is the Platinum Brewing System, but it isn't sold under that name.  It's very nice, easy to use, and has lots of the original kinks worked out that you often see in the complaint section....well, hopefully it will last! Only have had it for a week or two.

Costco gives you bunches and bunches of coffee, along with the extra filter you can use to make coffee with your own ground coffee - whether fresh or from a can.

If you like FRESH coffee in the morning, and strong, this is for you.  I have yet to find coffee, other than my brand, that is the medium Columbian roast, or anything that is half & half, so I only have one of theirs and one of mine.  Too much REAL coffee makes me stay up all hours (playing WORDS with Friends with my BFF) and/or makes my heart race. Neither is good...well, playing WORDS is! ;o)  I have started using the larger cup size so that the strength is at least diluted somewhat.

The downside - hubby doesn't bring me coffee in the morning while I'm still in bed! He started it because I like really fresh coffee - cold or hot - and now I can get it right when I get up. No waiting.  Poor me - no longer spoiled.

Tut tut, as my mom would say!

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