Monday, September 6, 2010

Little Useful Christmas Gifts

My BFF mentioned Christmas and a dilemma this year as to what to make. I had been thinking of the idea of making fancy pot holders this year. My brother went nuts over the double one I made two years ago, so made him another one this past year. He loves them as they aren't too big, very strong and thick, and he can use them as hot pads when he brings his dish out in a fancy container. I've given him the two, so think I will do a couple in a theme - like a Christmas or Thanksgiving - that type of thing.

Another thing I was thinking about was what my mom brought back from our living in Japan. They were glass covers - so when you have a coke (or in her case bourbon and coke!) the water weeping from the glass doesn't get the table tops wet....and had matching coasters. I think using a better cotton that is color fast for those would be there such a thing???

Don't you like little useful things? Items that are quick, and can be bright and cheery and used sort of like an accent to the kitchen until they get dirty! ;o)

Fast and fun - can't beat that for Christmas presents made by you, sealed with a kiss!


  1. I'm lost, how does a cover on your glss keep the water fromweeping onto th table?

    I have seen open weave crocheted covrs, made with #10 thread, I think. They look so nice . . they sho w them, I think, as a way to keep bugs out of summer drinks.

    Wonder if they are the same?

    My BFF #1 requested potholders this past Christmas. My BFF#2 suggested I make her son and his wife (then fiance) a set for a wedding present.

    Both LOVE the ones Ii h ave made . . no burning of fingrs and pretty to use as hot pads also.

    \0/ paula

  2. It's really hard to find a cotton that doesn't bleed but I have found that the Berroco Weekend, which is a combination of acrylic and cotton works GREAT for coasters. The cotton helps absorb and the acrylic keeps the moisture from seeping through. Of course they'd still have to be a fairly dense pattern but it's really nice to work with.