Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Night and I'm Out of Gas.....

Today hasn't been particularly busy, nor has the week.  It's just that I stayed up late, got up early, and actually "went into town."  That means I have to drive a whole five miles one way.  Lazy me!  Today there was a luncheon hosted by our new pastor's wife, and she fixed it all herself! She engaged hubby to help her serve, and it was awesome.  I really enjoyed the company and the getting out - but ate too much.  I cracked down on myself the rest of the day to keep the calorie count down - the chocolate cake for dessert, however, put me over the whole calorie thing for the day. SOOOOO worth it! ;o)

I've been playing Scrabble with my BFF quite a lot. Hopefully she doesn't tire of it as I think it is helping to keep my brain alive! I'm a bit addicted, I must admit.  I have an iPad and she has an iPhone and we play "Words With Friends" - very nifty neat. If you have a chance to download it I highly recommend the app.

I have it hot off the press from my DSS that there are rumors now in the professional realm that the new iPhone will be out in January, most likely through Verizon, but not quite a done deal yet.  I'm waiting ... tap, tap, tap ...

Today I received an awesome gift from Lizavietta on Ravelry.  She was an Angel, along with three others, in my Notions Bag you can see that I really lucked out by being stung! Hah!  I'm so glad that I have often volunteered to do this for others as it really makes a difference in their feelings and ours, and I feel so honored to be gifted such wonderful handmade, well loved, items.

Isn't this BEAUTIFUL! Scrumptious yarn!

And it has TWO pockets......

Tomorrow hubby is taking leave to drive up to our RV on "the ranch" to check it out on an overnighter! Hooray! This will just the second time that I get to spend the night by myself and just veg around the house - playing Scrabble with my BFF Bev most of the evening! Not that THAT is much different, but not cooking will be!

I have an elephant (body debuted on my other blog) nearly done to show you all - stay tuned for updates! ;o) SOOOOOOO CUTE!

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  1. You know that your BFF loves playing Scrabble with you. She could do it all day!