Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knit one, Crochet two.....

I found a lovely sweater that I started knitting around 1974.....and never finished.  I have carried it from hither and yon thinking that one day I would actually finish the bottom ribbing, sew up the sleeves, and then do the neckline.



Size 10 or medium. Right now I'm an XL on top & tum tum & medium around the hiney - but with this it is the TOP that matters most.    I shall fit into it - I shall, I shall, I shall!  Next year.

With it is the tote from McCall's Patterns which is also 40+ years old and in great shape! :o)  I love totes! I have tooooooooooooooooo many!  Do you have totes?  I can't make up my mind as to which one I love the most, but I do love them all......

.....and measuring tapes,

.....and tapestry needles,

.....and yarn,

.....and buttons (how does THAT figure???),

.....and patterns and magazines,

.....and something else   -   I love, love, love manly tools that are made for women! Hah!

I finally had hubby pull out all my tools with which I came when we married (and which he confiscated) so I can keep them in my closet. I have two Dremel's, a Cat sander and a Mouse sander (isn't THAT cute!), and a drill that went dead.  Will replace that one.

I had a socket set, but he couldn't find it so will replace that, too. I need a fairly versitle tool set.  Something in pink, eh?  Then he'd keep his hands off!

I have a hammer and wrench he has stowed away, as well as my big screwdriver that you can flip out the Phillips side, turn it around, and it then makes a regular one. Love it - BUT - as it is older and losing the magnetic quality, I might as well replace that one, too, don't cha think!??

I'm winding down the swapping for this year except the Amigurumi toys.  Love them!  I have 3 more months of those to do, and then I'm done. In between I will concentrate of making something for me, making some patterns, and putting those 12 afghans together....and perhaps some Christmas presents.

What are YOU going to do for Christmas???


  1. Know what you mean Christmas tends to creep up on one and no, I'm not going to spend it making for others (but I will!). Female tools, now there's a versatile woman!

  2. What am I going to do for Christmas?