Friday, December 12, 2008

Seraphina Shawl

What a fun project! I'm blocking it as I tomorrow pics will be posted. I grabbed a large skein when shopping and didn't realize it was not the Rainbow Boucle - but used it anyway. Still turned out nicely in pinks and grays, but will start another one using the "correct" yarn in the not to distant future. See here...

As the pattern says, once you get the hang of it, the pattern is pretty easy. Basically on Ravelry there are some posts that give some info, and the web site has a great pattern posted.  Google it by name, Seraphina Shawl.   Although it isn't a Doris Chan pattern, it IS very Doris! Lovely pattern. You can get it on Crochetville (it is free).  The photo is on my photo page. When done in the Sensations Rainbow Boucle it is one outstanding looking shawl, so want to try that one as a gift - my only complaint about that particular yarn is that it can pick if you aren't careful.  Had lots of compliments on the shawl today at church. 

In the meanwhile, I need to get a photo of the finished product of the vest I made for my dearest friend Leonora. I sent it off without photographing the final product. Dumb.

I am mid-stream in making a Tunisian afghan in big blue checks for my SIL. Would like to finish before Christmas, but don't know if I will. It isn't her Christmas present, but would be nice to start on another big project soon, which is why I'd like to be finished. I always have a large one going and add the smaller ones betwixt and between as I get tired or bored or strained ... whatever ... when I spend a great deal of time on one pattern.


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