Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby In Her Smocked White Dress

Seems like last year that I made this dress for Alice - thinking it would fit her at 3 months rather that 6 or 7! I was so pleased and so very thrilled to see it on her at last. Heidi brought it with them when they visited for Thanksgiving so I could see her in it and take a couple of snapshots. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many, and Hubby
didn't take any with the good camera. Oh, well - I do have a couple. She is such a cutie with reddish brown hair and big blue eyes.  More photos.  The pattern is from the book Adorable Crochet for Babies and Toddlers by Lesley Stanfield.  I would buy it again...I love her designs!  Hopefully, she will have more books soon.

The afghan for my SIL is in the throws of it's last breath! Hooray! I am making Tunisian Squares, 9x9 and am in the last row (not separate squares that I sew together - one big project). I'll put an edging on it, and then single crochet along where the squares meet as I don't like the look and don't want a backing. Then I'm done and off it goes to Little Sissy.

I am also putting together a package for a family that the church adopted. An abused woman and her 3 daughters who are in a shelter. I've got some hats and a few potholders (sigh - hate to give them up!), and a baby sweater and hat. I'm probably going to toss in a shawl if I get it done. Am doing a Serafina in white. Our church is usually pretty generous, and those that don't buy give money so they will have enough to eat out and buy some clothes, plus a little. Always feels good to help someone else. That is what makes Christmas merry, after all.

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