Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shell Afghan Finished!

This shell afghan was completed in less than a week, so not too big and not too hard. I used Wool-Ease which is soft, so it will be a nice afghan for the granddaughter. The colors are Violet, Seaspray, and I forget the name of the rose color.

The pattern is just a five double crochet shell repeat pattern (multiple of six stitches plus one): 

Row 1:  sc in 2nd ch from hook; sk 2 ch; five double crochet in next ch; sk 2 ch, *sc in next ch; sk 2 ch, 5 dc in next ch;sk 2 ch sc in next.  Repeat from * to end, ending in the sc.  Chain one and turn; 

Row 2:  chain three [or here I use an my version of an extended sc-I sc and then chain one more], 2 dc in same original sc space; *sk 2 stitches; sc in next; sk 2 stitches; 5 dc in next; sk 2 stitches;  Repeat from * until you have four stitches left then sc in next, 3 dc in last stitch.  Chain one and turn. 

Repeat these two rows until you have it as long as you want.  

I finished it with single crochet edging, putting 3 sc in each corner. Although I haven't compared it, it most likely is pretty much the same as the Ocean Wave afghan advertised in the Lion Brand web site.  If you are using multiple colors, when you want to change colors at the end of a row, remember to draw the new color through the last two loops on the hook.  I used 3 colors so carried the yarn up the side.  Do as you wish!

I think I am going to make a larger full size in the same stitch, but different colors, for myself.  AFTER the holidays and my gift making/giving is done.

Larger photos on my photo site for crochet.

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