Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Book

My "new" book arrived today.  "Glorious Crocheted Sweaters" which is 20 years old, I think.  It has a collection of 60 of the most wonderful patterns for sweaters that I have ever see.  I'm in love!  With the exception that the patterns call for the various cuffs and edgings be knitted, they are all perfect in one way or another.  Unusual, even for todays standards.  I guess that would mean "timeless."  Check out the Enthusiastic crochetoholic blog listed on the left.  She has the book posted in one of her blogs this month, which is what gave me the idea.  $1.96 at Amazon!  What a bargain!

That's the way I feel about the afghans in "Vanna's Afghan's All Through The House."  I have had the book for about 15 years and the patterns are still better than many you see out now.  

I also have another book I received as a gift in's called "A Golden Hands Pattern Book: Crochet" and was originally published in 1972.  If the models had different hair cuts, you could swear some were brand new patterns.  

Time to quit buying books and to start making goodies!  Working on a baby dress for #2 granddaughter and finishing up an afghan for her.  Both are way too cute!

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