Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas is coming.......

I am happy that I have found some lovely patterns for Christmas presents.  Not the funny stuff that people rarely use - like a doll on a bed, or a doily of some sort.  Potholders.  EVERYONE uses potholders.  Plus some other goodies.  But the Christmas potholder is one that sparkles and twinkles and brings about great thoughts of Christmas Joy.  In my new book by Nicky Epstein, Crocheted Flowers, there is a Poinsettia with beads that I think is lovely.  So I made one, sans beads. Turned out really nice - but didn't know what to do with it.  As it turns out, I had sooooooo much yarn that I started making potholders with it for the bazaar and one day set the Poinsettia on the potholder to get it out of the way.  Wa la!  Prettier potholder, don't ya think?  Now am contemplating making some sort of garland or table decoration using the same yarn and flower.  

First, however, I am going to make a shawl from one of Doris Chan's patterns called the "Garland Stole" printed in the November 2008 Crochet! and it is a lovely, lovely, stole at that.  This will be for the auction at the church bazaar in December.  Should be a smashing success.

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