Saturday, May 27, 2017

And a Fine Vacation it was, too!!!


I had a chance to get away and fly to Georgia thanks to my best friends husband! He wanted to do something special for her so gave me tickets to fly there for a week.  Oh, my! It was super special! I visited there a month or so ago.

This is a look out their living room window.  Lots of Spanish moss, beautiful green golf courses, and lagoons.  There are alligators in there somewhere, but I have visited many times and have never seen one yet. There has only been one incident in all the years they have lived there.

This is from the Air Force Base nearby…great big plane which flew very VERY low to the ground. When it swung by it looked like you could almost jump up and touch it.  Made several circles, so guess it was doing touch downs or something like that.

We ate out at several special Southern places, but this one had the best BBQ.  Although I lived in the South for many years I never realized that the BBQ, at least in the southern part of GA and SC, was more mustardy.  I'm used to the sweet Texas BBQ, or the North Carolina spicy Lexington.  The BBQ in this Charleston restaurant tasted like mustard relish you would put on a hot dog.  However, it was super good! Below is the appetizer menu from there,  the Swig and Swine near Charleston, SC. YUM!!!  Good to be back in the South!

This is a REAL alligator….however, it isn't in her backyard. I took this when we went out to eat at Tybee Island. It was a huge sprawling restaurant called The Crab Shack.  Like little houses all put together one after the other and joined by porches or the like.  Reminded me of Aunt Fannies Cabin in Atlanta area.

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