Friday, June 26, 2015

The Pax Shawl and more helpful hints!

I am working on the Pax shawl, a design by Aoibhe Ni, from Ireland. The link is to her Ravelry page.

This photo is in the beginning of the portion of "lace" for the border.  I used a DK weight instead of lace as wanted to be able to see and understand what I was doing for my first completed Aoibhe project.  I, unfortunately, do not find the way she describes her work or writes her charts to be easily translated into crochet.  It took a group of ladies in my Ravelry group, explaining it all to me in normal Tunisian terms, for me to be able to "get it".

Her are three repeats finished.  I used a lovely thread lace weight called String Me Along that was the same color and had sequins attached ever inch or so.  

This is for my 7 year old granddaughter so none of the errors matter all that much as most are not noticeable and the sparkle is what counts!

These buttons are from the Mitchell Larsen Studio in Christiansted, Virgin Islands.  Hand made and unlike any other!  I am planning on using three of the sets for the crocodile stitch booties I am making for my three adult nieces.

Only one bootie finished, though!

STAY COOL!  The hints I received from friends are first, don't use your oven.  If you HAVE to bake, use the small toaster oven.  If you run the dishwasher or wash clothes, do it in the EARLY morning hours when you first get up.  The use of electricity in the afternoon hours (even lights) is to be discouraged so that the running a/c's will not over load the system.  

Also, you could sprinkle your lawn early for just a few minutes in back so if you do have animals that have to go out, the evaporation will help keep them cool (or coolish, or not at all in AZ!).  Put up shade cloth, umbrellas, etc. to offer some shade (after about 93 or so degrees shade and wind don't matter much, wet T-shirts do! Perhaps a wet dog would be appreciative?)

One other friend said NOT to put ice in the dog's or cat's water bowl.  It can cause cramps and make them throw up.  Ugh.

~ ❄️  Stay Cool  ❄️ ~

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