Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Blog I watch...

The blog I just found through yet another blog (Paula's???) is Olavas Verden

While most of her patterns are in her language (and I am not sure what language it is!:ETA-Norwegian) she has such stunning photos that you can easily follow them to make something for yourself.

She has a flower pattern which is somewhat reminiscent of the African Flower, but is different.

The very first flower on her blog on the right is not linked, but the second one is.  Stunning colors!

So if you have time to browse and are looking for just the right little project, this might be the place! Her blog is listed at the bottom right of my blog list.

Below is a smocked dress I made for my granddaughter a few years back.  Such a shame that they grow out of the cute clothes so soon!  This is one that I hope will be save for her daughter, but you never know.  Could have red raspberry jam all over it by now! ;o)

Can't remember the pattern book...will look it up.

Have a great day!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Yarn stuff

My DSD gave me a hank of yarn as a reward for watching her dog while she visited family and friends in Sitka, AK.  That's where she grew up.  Her college roommate visited her there one year from college in Tennessee, and loved it so much she moved there and married.  It is a lovely little town ... and I mean little.  About 7 miles long.  About 2 miles wide. The rest is island...mostly trees on mountains as the backdrop!

The yarn below is a super wash wool and super beautiful!

The yarn is from a store there, Knitting With Class I believe, and it is hand dyed, spun, etc.  The yarn company is named Raven Frog Fibers.  The tag is below... they are also on Ravelry!

Now I just need to figure out what I will make for myself!

I have finished five squares, two which I sent already, for Karen for her participation in the Phoenix blanket project.

The variation in color is simply a matter of my iPhone and the available light at the time.  This is a Red Heart Super Saver up nicely, and certainly doesn't shed like the Vanna's Choice.  That makes it not quite as soft, but sure is easier on my allergies Although they look similar in the photos, the last two squares are similar but different!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cool weather is upon us...

Yesterday barely reached up to 80, if that.  It thought 80 would be hot here with the higher humidity, but as there seems to be a near constant breeze, it was quite cool for most of the day.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The dogs enjoyed being outside sleeping in the shade, and I enjoyed the day cleaning the kitchen and rearranging items, as well as working on an afghan.

This is one of the rose bushes in back.  I trimmed it which made it decided to bloom profusely in one place!  The buds come out rather orange/peach and as the rose blooms and gets bigger it goes from that to peach to a light cream and then yellow.  It is quite amazing to see...and they are so fragrant.

This little gem is lovely, but have no clue what it is.  Each purple flower on the stem looks something like a snap dragon.  It also resembles what is known as Bear's Breeches, or Acanthus Mollis...except the leaves don't at all.  Just the stem of flowers.

This is the top view.

I finished six rows of the darker green on the edge, and a row of the black, and am now starting on the cream color again like the center.  I think instead of increasing each color section by one row I will stick with the six on the cream if I decide to do another two colors. Otherwise, will do seven and finish it.  It really is pretty.  Right now it is about 32 inches across.

As soon as I finish this I am back to the hippo!

I put together a video on a Long Loop Double Crochet for someone on Ravelry (not my discovery, just could not find the other persons video).  I finally learned how to upload them, so now can do some for the blog.  Would like to show my Air Crochet on a video as it seems to lose something in the written translation!  That will be a project for another day.

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July Week

Nothing much going on these days...babysitting the granddaughters a bit most weeks and that is a pleasure.  Right now am taking care of the dog while they all are on vacation.  She's pretty easy, so it has been a pleasure.  The Fourth was a bit edgy as she gets excited when the various neighbors would set things off, but eventually she calmed down.

Have been working on several projects, finishing almost none.  I'll revisit the one I'm getting closer to finishing...the Happy Hippo project for my new nephew Jack.  What a cutie!

This is what has been finished thus far on the hippo...his middle and back end!  The next parts are for his legs in front, and I have one of those about ready to add. He is really cute, but next time I make one, IF I make one, I will not do the color scheme like this.  Will make it two-toned, or three-toned, I think.

While the heat was up so high along with the humidity, and because the Fourth was fast approaching, I brought in Tommy Socks and stashed him in the spare room.  As you can see he thought he was in a/c, on a bed, and in the house with food, water, and a box.  He never made a peep for two days!