Thursday, December 19, 2013


I made this cute little item a day or two ago. It is a design from Lizavietta on Ravelry.  I actually did not read the instructions correctly, but it turned out cute anyway!  If I put a back on it it could be a nice potholder, but right now I like it as a trivet/hotpad…or it's present use as a "doily" of sort for my new spoon rest!

Spoon rest photo to follow soon…

My BFF called my attention to a beautiful sunset…so much brighter and redder than this photo show…which was truly unbelievably gorgeous.

Went out to dinner at a local place which served tacos for $1.00 as a special.  There were several cars up and down parked on the main street that were really fun looking, and some brought back lots of memories!

Is is fun being in a place where you aren't the oldest person around AND most people are near the same age as you AND they all act like teenagers! 



  1. glad you are having so much fun . . . are you renting or did you buy?