Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh, look at what I saw!

I heard the dogs barking at what sounded like a neighbor spray painting their fence.  They were all going wild…mine and the rest in the neighborhood. I saw them looking up so went out and nothing was there.  

I then went out front…….

I haven't seen balloons like that since living hear Temecula, CA….and then only when on the freeway.  Never at my home!

So many new and interesting occurrences in this 'new land'!!

Today I will get my washer and dryer delivered (in RED!!!), and the landscape company will be checking on the sprinklers that don't seem to work. 

THEN, hopefully, I will be able to take myself out to dinner…found what sounds like a great pizza place called Mudshark Pizza.  Isn't that a cool name!  Hopefully it is as good as it sounds…the menu seems inviting and the reviews are good.


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  1. I am a lover of hot air balloons. This must of been a "feel good" for your day. Check out the Ever-Ready Bunny Balloon on google image. Been up close to that one at a free air-fair a few years back. Simply awe inspiring.