Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Bit of Silliness For Today

I have been busy betting the new store in order, but have had some lull times throughout the day. Sometimes due to doing too much and sometimes because there is nothing to do while I think something through.

My brother-in-law in Michigan keeps me somewhat busy with the new game Draw Something.  An artist, I am not, but I can copy artwork when my drawing was to be the word KNOW what I had to look up!

He guessed it right away!  Well, right away is a relative term. It was a painful drawing to watch me make as I had a lot of erasures.

Now this one shows you what my skills are when I don't have anything to copy...

Then back to finding another Disney character!  His chin isn't quite right, but I was getting tired of erasing and redoing!  Eventually the app tells you that you are running out of ink!

I hope everyone can find a fun diversion to add to their crochet or knitting addiction.  It helps clear the cobwebs from the ol' noggin'!


  1. I'm impressed! You know what, I lost Words with Friends and it wouldn't download again. Been meaning to tell you. Tried this game with my DIL and she could never figure out my drawings. Go figure. Off to send you an email.

  2. Ditto on the impressed. In college, I had to take "drawing and Painting" and "Graphics and SCilpture" for my ElEd Degree . . .they had us ready for schools without art teachers . . nothing fantastic, just use your imagination for projects for the kids.

    Anyway, I found out I could draw some . . but Faces always looked like they beloned on stick people. Our last assignment was to select a photo from the newspaper and repsoduce it in India Ink. Oh, ithad to be a person too . . . well now THAT just sucks.

    But, as luck would have it, I found a pix of a guy from IU who was studying for finals . . he had a diamond patterned sweater, was reading a book AND, the best part, he had his head on his hand and a cowboy hat that covered his face.

    Mom liked it so much we got it framed and I still hang it today. . . my one glorious day of drawing at Ball State :0}

  3. You are soooo talented!! I am very envious. I can't draw at all, much less on that app. I have it too...I don't do so good. Good thing I am better with yarn! :o)