Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dinner Tonight - Black Bean Salad

I have been at gatherings where this little beauty has been served as a side dish, but tonight I served it as the main salad for hubby and I.  Quite filling, and with some baked crackers it was just enough.  Now we will be having a little Marie Calendar Berry/Cherry pie - shared of course. I always give him the larger part, though, as he is the one who needs to maintain or gain weight.

I downloaded the app onto my iPad for Whole Foods Market.  It had quite the variety of recipes, and the neatest thing is that it has a food shopping list for you! I took the iPad with me, selected my dish for tonight, and then brought up the shopping list.  It is sooooo cool!

Unlike my BFF, Bev, I am not a cook.  I was once - but a Southern Cook, with a capital "S"!  All things fried. :o)  GOOD food, but not always healthy.  Due to some upcoming health problems of my own, and knowing that I just have to stay on my feet to care for hubby in the coming year, I decided to start working toward eating heart healthy - translated to almost vegetarian!  I'm doing fairly well for the most part. I have taken off six pounds (after putting on 20 trying to fatten up the hub) and that is really a blessing.

I have a problem in giving up milk for my coffee, nuts of any sort, and oils.  However, I have cut down on everything quite a bit. I eat very little of anything with meats of any sort, but still allow some.  I'm working toward getting to being a REAL vegan - or perhaps vegetarian.  There is a difference, I have found out.  My purpose isn't to do this for awhile, but to do this to change my life and get it pointed in the right direction. I'm almost at the age where I can't make changes, or the changes will be too late....gotta hit the ground running now, or not at all!

There are lots of books out there on the subject matter - and some great recipe books! So, if you are inclined to make a change in your life for the better start as fast as your life style will let you, but start.  Keep carrots around to munch on. Lots of crunch, and if you purchase the baby ones, they are sweet - an added bonus to those of us who crave the sweets!

Love to you all, and wishing you and your loved ones a healthy life.

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  1. You know what would be a GREAT APP for a store to have . . you add all of the pantry items you have, find a recipe from their files and hen it will tell you what you need . . and keep track if you buy and when you need to restock . . . and I don't even have an phone for apps . . LOLOL