Saturday, July 24, 2010

Provencal Afghan for Niece Lynne

This post should probably be on my other site as I didn't make up the pattern for this goodie, and I am trying to keep those things separated (so hard to do!), but I did make two of the squares, one my own design.  However, I loved the bright and happiness of it that I thought I'd share in both places.

I love the border which brings it all together.  The only things missing are some additional leaves that I want to put around the flowers.  Only one square came with leaves and I think it really does make the afghan look better, so I started to put them on....have quite a ways to go, though.  Thought everyone might like a 'look-see' ahead of the end game.

Lynne really needs some happiness and smiles and love - she has had a bad year. Hopefully she will get plenty of good vibes when she sees this afghan. :o)


  1. LOVE the border and making leaves and adding them will just set the squares off.

    This will truly brighten Lynns days.

    :0] paula

  2. I can feel the love -- ahhhhhh !