Monday, June 21, 2010

White Bird, Idaho

On a recent trip up to Canada (thus the absence from here) I took this photo of White Bird...more of the town is to the right. To the left, and out of view, is White Bird Grade which is a road going up the side of a mountain with many, many hairpin turns.  This is a really beautiful part of Idaho and where the trees start to show up more and more after leaving the high dessert of Southern Idaho. Actually, the prettiest places were near Julietta, Moscow, and up the 95. Beautiful hills, trees, and farm land.

The bottom photo is of the real White Bird Grade before the new highway road was put in (it is to the left of the photo, but you can't see it!) - notice the zig zag lines! It's a real road!

Now back to reality....working on crochet and keeping track of my daily company for the next 3 weeks! ;o)


  1. Beautiful area of Idaho! I lived in Mt. Home for 6 years back in the late 80's.

  2. have always wanted o visit Idaho . . . so much beautiful green space. Your pictures are great.

    What daily company the next 3 weeks?

    :0} paula