Monday, June 7, 2010

Sometimes things just don't work.....

Have you ever had one of those days? Weeks? Months?

Well, this has been one of those months for me. I am not sure if it is the stress of dealing with my husbands cancer issue daily, my own minor health problems, or doing too much and stretching myself thin. I remember last year I was able to be in 6 swaps at once with no problem, and finish early. This time I feel stretched at 3.....and I'm forgetting to make squares that I promised people. That makes me feel awful, especially as one of those wonderful people is my BFF.

I started a project - the mood one - and misplaced it. Forgot about it. Looked for it. Yesterday I finally found it stuck in a bag with doll "stuff" - and I'm so behind on it. My original moods were pretty cloudy, so am glad even with the stress that I'm looking forward to bright yellows!

I had decided a few days ago that I needed to adjust my "crochet corner" and get it better organized. I am one of those who, when in a hurry, tosses something aside in a bag to get it out of sight. THAT is how my things get lost. Then the yarn starts meeting other yarn and they look like they are trying to have yarn babies! For goodness I have spent the better part of this weekend winding skeins, re-organizing drawers of yarn, and also purchased another storage unit with drawers for books. It is a bit harder to use than having them in a magazine rack where you can see the binding and name, BUT they are neater looking and I can see most of them through the see-through drawers.

I have my new all-in-one cart organized, too....and have found the best way to utilize it to the fullest. This is the cart that I have a Patent Pending for the design. Right now my BFF has one, and I have one being tested by a lovely lady named Donna Hammell who is known for her Tunisian patterns and crocheting skill. I'm excited to be finally getting to where I can start having them made and sold!! Yay! One thing for sure - even though I designed them for Tunisian graphing, the cart is perfect for organizing yarn and various items for crochet. I'm told it will work for knitting, but still have to have one more person check that out for me! ;o)
On a different note - I have to share. So, here are the granddaughters with their parents .... the whole family is beautiful! THIS cheers me up tremendously!


  1. Nieces and nephews . .and n ow a great niece, are my grandchildren . . . they make me smile whenever I see their pictures . . . be they from their childhood or the ones taken of the 30'ish year olds at their 40th anniversary.

    So, I smiled at yours in absentia of mine . . . don;t they just make the darkest corners of your heart light and airy?

    :0} paula

  2. This is the BFF. I love my cart. You would have to pry it out of my cold wrinkled hands to get it away from my me. I use it for all my crocheting as it helps to keep my tension even and everything is in one spot. Cat has really nailed this and I can't wait for everyone to be able to give it a try.

    Cat, you amaze me. You get so much more accomplished in a weekend than I can in a month. What a woman!

  3. Now now, don't be down on yourself! You are amazingly creative, you are an expert crocheter and you do for others. Rome wasn't built in a day and I think you've done amazingly well with what you've had to deal with. Keep on going girlfriend! You are wonderful.

    Hugs XX

  4. Goodness gracious! You guys actually made me nice to know you all, and you are all so dear to my heart. Really, truly, honest. Thank you so very much!

  5. A Beautiful Family. Give yourself grace during this hard time. I know all who love you will.

  6. Cat, you have such a lovely place here :-) My prayers and good thoughts are with you.

    Take care,