Monday, August 10, 2009

The Granddaughter's Afghans

The first photo is of Amy Jo under her Pinkalicious blanket. She was so thrilled to have such a huge one. It was just a tad shorter than her bed, but each time I visit I have vowed to bring a couple skeins of yarn to edge it (it took nearly one whole skein to go around once). So in no time the afghan will be a nice cover, and she won't "grow out of it."

The middle photo is of the girls playing peek-a-boo through the blanket!

Last photo is of hubby Sid, Alice & her afghan. I edged it in several rows of the Dusty Purple as that is one of the colors their mom loves. Alice was ambivalent about the blanket, but really thrilled with the attention Grandpa was giving her!


  1. I think they both look absolutely PERFECT!

  2. Both afghans are BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors.. and designs!!.. and I can't wait till I can make some for my own grandkids someday.. when I HAVE some, someday! (0; That's so sweet to see "Grandpa" having so much fun with his granddaughter! God bless you both for being such good grandparents!