Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"Rainbow-ish" Scarf with Noro

Above one 1/2 skeins used.

Below the second skein finished and ends sewn in.

I had some left over Noro yarn from something….don't remember what. Might be what Nancy sent to me.  I have a hard time crocheting with Noro as it is wound funny…I think it is wound just the opposite of what other European companies wind theirs because while using it the yarn gets more and more wound up.  Drives me a little crazy.

I used both skeins to make the scarf.  I used the same stitch as I did on the Peachy Keen scarf (Posted above).  It is 3 stitches for each patterned stitch, plus1, plus 2 for the base. The stitch pattern is sc, ch1, dc.  Each end has a sc at the beginning and end. Turn, ch1. Simple.

This scarf should be blocked as the stitch doesn't look quite as neat and textured as it does in the DK yarn.

It goes in the gift pile!

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