Saturday, January 7, 2017

My New Ear Warmer

I just finished this and think it is a winner!  I'm going to write up a pattern for it, but need to tweak the beginning a little.  I really love the look and the stitch is fairly easy…you just need to be careful as to how you place the hook.

I used Madelinetosh ToshDK which is a very soft and "easy to crochet with" yarn! Smooth.

The photo below shows the end looking darker.  It is part of the yarn, but it seemed to pool a bit there.  Since it will be under my hair not a big deal. It's very comfy.

As mentioned many times I am unable to wear hats (as you can see the back of my head is FLAT!!) and hats don't stay on well without bobby pins.  The ear warmer, however, if perfect as it goes under my hair which holds it down and snug to my head.  

Warm ears are so nice!

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