Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pretty Textured Stitch - Scarf

The pattern isn't hard…just a little uncomfortable until you get the hang of it.
The pattern is based on 6 stitches, plus two.  So in the case of this scarf I am making, I chained 32 stitches.  It will be a full scarf as is in Waverly and an H hook, making it a little dense. I plan on making it quite long so it can be wrapped if the wind blows! I think a smaller hook and some sport weight would make a very nice scarf….and you could even use the stitch pattern on an afghan of your making.

The stitch is s follows:

Begin by chaining desired pattern length:  6, plus two.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd stitch from hook, sc across.  
Row 2 and 3:  Sc across as in row 1 (3 sc rows).
Row 4: Chain 4 which will be your first tr now and always.  Skip three sc stitches, dtr in next three stitches.  Now complete 3dtr, going behind the last three stitches, into the 3 skipped stitches starting with the first one skipped.  Continue in pattern until the end, and after the last dtr in the skipped stitches do a tr in the last sc at the end of the row.
Row 5, 6, 7:  Sc across, and be sure to count your stitches to make sure you are not skipping any.

Pattern:  Repeat rows 4 - 7, ending the project with three rows of sc.

If you have any problems with my writing up of this pattern, please let me know.  Have never been great at good at writing up patterns!

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